Welcome to Cascade GIS!

Greetings! I am just getting the Cascade GIS website up and running, so please bear with me as I get more content online. In the coming weeks, I hope to get several examples of recent projects I've been involved with posted to the site for your perusal.

I have been "doing" GIS now for just over twenty years, and have been involved in scientific computing for about twenty-five. Almost all of my professional experience has been in natural resource fields, most recently in GIS modeling of potential natural vegetation in the Pacific Northwest with the US Forest Service. Prior to that, I was a GIS Manager and GIS programmer / analyst for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for about ten years. And before that, well.....click on "About" on the main menu if you want the whole story.

My educational background is in the mathematical sciences, specifically in the numerics of computer algorithm development. I have been involved in computer programming one way or another for most of my professional life, although I don't necessarily consider programming my greatest strength. I think my greatest asset is an ability to combine a natural affection for people and a love of the natural world with strong technical skills and a passion for mapping and geospatial analysis. I approach all of my work with integrity, precision, and if at all possible, humor! I hope Cascade GIS can be of service to you.

Thanks for checking us out!

Chris Ringo, Cascade GIS