Map Atlas Examples

Here are some examples of map atlases I authored in my work with the US Forest Service's Pacific Northwest region. The image quality has been intentially degraded in these atlases (and each map has been stamped "DRAFT"), since the primary data layers depicted in them have not yet been finalized. Click on the atlas title or image to take you to an image map with the individual map tiles.

Potential Natural Vegetation Zone Atlas of the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

This atlas shows modeled potential vegetation zones as output by the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region's Potential Natural Vegetation (PNV) model. This model has been under development for over twenty years by (now retired) Forest Service northwest area ecologist Jan Henderson, with assistance from Forest Service ecologist Robin Lesher and a host of field crews and GIS analysts.

I have helped out over the past seven years or so as the primary GIS programmer/analyst on the project. The model description and results for the Olympic Peninsula have recently been published in a General Technical Report, which is available here. This atlas was bound for use in field-checking the model.

Vegzone Atlas link

Fire History and Forested Stand Year of Origin Atlas of the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

During Jan Henderson's and Robin Lesher's careers with the Forest Service, they and their field crews collected information on several thousand ecology plots across the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. One of the attributes collected was the tree ages on each plot, which enabled them to put together a preliminary layer on the fire history of the forest. Putting this fire history information together with data on forest practices and natural disturbances resulted in the stand year of origin layer depicted here.

In this atlas, each ecology plot is labeled with the maximum tree age, and six different age classes are depicted. Like the vegzone atlas, this atlas was bound for use in the field.

Fire History Atlas link